Contact Me

To book a session, or for more information, you can contact me by:
1. email:

2. text message: 310-926-9205
  [If you call please make sure you leave a message] 

Some more information:
- A deposit of 50% must be made at time of booking.

- Locations within 15 miles of my home in 90262 are included in the session fee. Locations more than 15 miles away carry a travel fee of $1 per additional mile each way.

- Once booked I ask that you keep that date. There is a rescheduling so make sure that you book on a date that works for you. I understand that sometimes things come up last minute -- illnesses, accidents, etc -- but in general book a date that will work for you so you don't have an additional rescheduling fee. 

- If you do have to reschedule make sure that you do so at least 2 weeks before the session to avoid fees.

- Client will pay for photographers entry/parking fee at locations if required.

- Some locations require a permit, which the client must pay. If you decide not to get a permit and we are fined, the client will pay for the fine.

- If you have a gift card you can only use one per session.

- There are no refunds.