Behind the Lens

Hi there! My name is Brenda Muñoz and I want to welcome you to my blog-site!

A little bit about me:
I live in Los Angeles with my mom, 2 younger sister and 3 adorable dogs

I can often be found at the beach or in the mountains, I love the outdoors

I'm a UCLA alumni, and a Bruin for life

UCLA is also where I worked for 6 years at the UCLA School of Nursing, and I also volunteered at the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital for several years

I have Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), and I fully believe that having CHD has shaped and molded me into the person I am today

I am also a counselor at Camp del Corazon, which is a camp for kids with CHD, kids just like me. Camp del Corazon is my home away from home, my favorite place on the planet.

My love for photography started as a child. Ever since I can remember my family always had a Polaroid and a small point-and-shoot camera in the house, and I loved using them. As I grew older and got a job I was able to purchase a better point-and-shoot camera, and with it I did small family sessions and I carried it with me everywhere. It wasn't until my 20th birthday, however, that I was finally able to save up enough to buy an DSLR camera, and now I'm doing what I love! Who knew something so simple could bring so much joy? Now I'm out photographing families, engagements and weddings - and loving every minute of it! :)

I will be using this site to post photos and stories from the lifestyle shoots and weddings that I document through my lens. To my totally awesome clients - I am truly honored that you chose me to freeze your memories with my camera. To my prospective clients - I hope that this site gives you a little insight into what it's like to work with me, and the type of work that you can expect. Thanks so much for dropping by!

*First three pictures by Araceli Munoz, 4th picture by Berenice Munoz*