2013 Testimonials

Chelsea Marble: I LOVE them!!! Thank u soooooo much!!!!! // The gift was a HUGE success!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! Laughter

Alma Ulloa: Love them, thanks :-) Disneyland Lovers (Part II)

Grace Hernandez: Brenda! They are all so wonderful!!!! Can't decide with one (to use on our Christmas card)! No wonder you're so busy (this time of year)... you always get out good side! A Beautiful Family

Cameron (Gumby) Hunt: Thanks for the pics! From what I've seen so far they look great!!!! Beautiful Kid

Sarah George: Thank you again! You are an amazing person with a heart of gold! On a Cold & Rainy Morning

Lili Yen: We love ALL the pictures!!!! Fun With Austin & Reimer

Sara Hale: THANK YOU very much for being here to help celebrate and do your magic with your beautiful photographs! Hale Birthday Party

Sandra Rivera: Thanks Brenda for capturing those precious moments in our lives through pictures :-) Kamila :: 6 Months Old

Rachel Swanholt: ON MY GOODNESS!! You now have a fan! Those pics look awesome!!! Thank you!! Fun With the Boys

Rachel Alexander: I have seen some of the pics on your blog and am VERY excited!! I already know which ones will make the xmas card! Most Beautiful Clients

Amy Bennett: Oh shut up! This turned out SO CUTE! THANK YOU for this photo shoot - and for being the shinning star that you are! We love you and are so grateful you're in our lives!!! A Doll & Superhero

Sonia Whitehead: This picture is beautiful! Thanks Brenda! Grandma's Joy

Rheanna White: I'm crying. This is beautiful. // Amazing, simply amazing. I cannot even begin to put my gratitude toward you and your talent into words. Thank you so much for giving us these priceless memories. Christmas at the Beach

Jacky Munoz: BTW thanks for the pics, we love them so much!! You the best! <3 Two Parents + Three Girls + Two Dogs = Munoz Family

Amber Kerman: Thank you again! They were great!! :-) Our families loved them too!! Booter + Tink (+Brady) = Baby K

Norma Diaz: Loveeeeee the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Handsomeness + Beautifulness + Silliness

Janine Van Poppelen: Thank you Brenda! You are amazing! // Great photos as usual. Cameron looks gorgeous. You captured so many of her personalities! Thank you so much for making these special memories for us. You have no idea just how grateful we are! Cameron :: Pure Joy

Claudia de Casas: Thank you Brenda! They are all wonderful! Adrian :: 11 Days Old

Yesenia Gomez: We received the cd today yay! Thank you so much again. Everyone is loving the photos of Brandon :) Brandon Marc :: 8 Days Old

Alma Ulloa: Thank you Brenda L. Munoz! Awesome job :-) The heat was not our friend that day but the pictures are sooooooo awesome! Biggest Dodgers Fans (Part I)

Jessica Rivas: Thank you so much. I've been receiving so many wonderful compliments on the pics. :) Thank you again. Happy 1st Birthday, Liam!

Alexandra Alvarez: Once again thank you Brenda L. Munoz!! You're awesome!! Kaylee Elizabeth :: 1 Month Old

Maria Vega-Ortiz: Omg!!! My baby looks so adorable!! Thank you so much for today...we had an incredible time! // I can't believe how amazing these pictures are! Thanks again Brenda! Mr. Peek-a-Boo Michael

Veronica Luatua: @bmunozphotography (Instragram) you did such an amazing job :) So epic! Faafeai Roman :: 5 Days Old

Rheanna White: We got the disk! They are amazing. Thank you so so so much! Alison Marie :: 8 Days Old

Julia Grinblat: We got the CD and all the pictures are absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to print some and hang around our house! Thank you so much!!!! In a Nature Wonderland

Amy Bennett: Brenda L. Munoz, your pictures are incredible. I am floored by them, absolutely stunned by your ability to capture the beauty, the sadness and the strength of what our family just went through. What an incredible treasure these pictures are for my family. I am so so grateful for you and the gift you are to our family. And I will NEVER stop bragging about you to strangers. :-) xo Bodie's 4th + 5th Heart Surgeries

Karen Quirarte: Hey, just received the CD, thanks so much! We love all of them, you did such an amazing job! Violet :: 15 Days Old

Tania Saucedo: These all look great thanks Brenda! Amazing job! :-) Penelope :: 10 Days Old

Suzie Lara: Thank you so much Brenda, we love them! Baby J #5

Danielle Carrubba: Hi Brenda, we received the disk and they are ahhhhmazing!!!! I love them... But how do we choose the best ones?!?! You did a wonderful job! Flynn has a serious obsession with himself on cameras/mirrors so he realllly enjoyed looking at them!!! Flynn Eddrick :: 6 Months Old

Stephanie Johnson: Amazing shot Brenda! Thanks for (photo) shooting the family! A Bunch Like No Other

Stacey Lihn: Thank you, Brenda! We had a great time with you! // Thanks again! It was so wonderful to meet you and I had so much fun during our session - much more relaxed that usual! A Bunch Like No Other

Grace Murillo: Brenda, you are not only a fantastic photographer but you also have a great heart, a great personality and are a superb human being! // Hi, Brenda! I loved the picture you sent us... you really have a gift of capturing the moment. And your stories are amazing! That's why you are different than other photographers... you really care, we are not just another customer. All You Need is Love

Jennifer Thomas: Brenda I just wanted to thank you for yesterday! I cannot put into words how much we appreciate your love, compassion, understanding and TALENT! We cannot wait to see the pictures. // I just received the best birthday gift ever!!!!! (Today is my birthday) These photos are beyond spectacular!!!!!! You captured our vibrant little miracle boy!!! We will never be able to thank you enough!!!! I can barely see through the tears of joy as I am typing this email! Love and much gratitude! Oliver & His Balloons

Cecilia Fuentes: Brenda, the pics are amazing! Thanks for capturing such precious moments :-) Emma Grace: 8 Days Old

Kimberly Serrano: Thanks Brenda, you did such a great job! Kim's Senior Session

Sandra Rivera: Thanks again Brenda for the session and for being so nice and patient :)  //  Hi Brenda, I just saw the pictures on your website. I love them! I'm so happy with them. Can't wait to share them! By the way, thank you so much for your kind words about me and my family. It made it so personal :) You really are a great photographer! I definitely will recommend you :) Rocking 38 Weeks

Alma Quintero: We love the pictures, you are amazing. Thank you Brenda! Three Princesses

Betzy Diaz: My bella baby. Thank you Brenda! Annelle: 7 Weeks Old

Cecilia Fuentes: Brenda, we love them! Thank you, they are amazing. Growing Family

Sara Hale: You're an amazing photographer and you have amazing patience so the final outcome was another amazing session! THANKS!! =) // Thanks Brenda for once again doing an amazing job with our big ol' crew!! The Hale Bunch

Alex Aguila: Great pics of my princess Brenda L. Munoz! Lexi really enjoyed you being at our house {for the session}. Thank you for everything! Levi Alexander: 8 Days Old

Jacqui Aguila: OMG!!! Love them! Thank you so much for the session! // We got out CD yesterday and we loved all the pics! Thanks again!!!!! I loved the pics of Lexi. I don't think I've ever seen her smile in a pic like you got her! Love!! Levi Alexander: 8 Days Old

Elizabeth Cervantes: Thank You so much Brenda! The pictures are perfect <3 Anthony Alexander: 9 Days Old

Alexandra Alvarez: Soo happy with them (the pictures)! Thanks Brenda Munoz! Anthony Alexander: 9 Days Old

Jennifer Howard: We had a blast. Thank you! 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Amy Bennett: Thank you so much Brenda L. Munoz, for capturing these incredible moments! // Brenda, this is so amazing! And totally made me cry. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you a million times over for this session <3 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Sabrina Sullivan: You are AWESOME! :-) 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Michelle Bartell: Awesome job Brenda! Lucas had so much fun! You're the best Brendita! 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Janine Van Poppelen: Thanks Brenda. A huge task and wonderful outcome! 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Melissa Beckstead: You are so wonderful Brenda L. Munoz!! Thank you! 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Christie Saunders: Today was amazing for our family. This was the very first time we met any other HLHS kids! I left so happy and uplifted. Thank you Brenda for this, you are truly amazing. :-) 10 Kids = 5 Whole Hearts (HLHSer's Session)

Michelle Bartell: Brenda L. Munoz: You are the BEST and have once again melted my heart!! I love your stinkin guts!!! Lucas' 2nd Birthday Party

Scott Linklater: Thanks Brenda! You're the best!!!! Birthday Boys

Danielle Linklater: Love! Thank u Brenda! We appreciate all your beautiful photos! :) // Saw this pic that you posted right after work today and it put a huge smile on my face! Thanks! :) Birthday Boys

Maria C: Thank you so much! We love them all Brenda! Evan Jay: 14 Days Old

Amy Bennett: These pics are SO adorable! Love them! Thanks, Brenda! // Brenda L. Munoz, thank you for capturing these moments so beautifully. I am seriously getting choked up just looking at it again..... Bodie's 3rd Birthday Party

Natural Wondies: Thank you so much for all your work Brenda. You did an amazing job with the kids. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. Natural Wondies Corporate Session