2012 Testimonials

Angela Edgerly: Just want to thank YOU so much for such a beautiful day. We enjoyed our time with you and appreciate your time and photography. A Boy & His Dog

Debbie Evans: Thank you so much Brenda for the family photo shoot today! You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all!!! Love, The Evans Family // Thank you so much Brenda for the awesome family pictures. You were so great with our kids. Can't wait to share the pics with everyone :-) Best Buddies

Abigail Wald: brenda, we just got our pics. thank you so much!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! seriously. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. // wow. thanks brenda! we had such a blast with you. :-) you were amazing! On a Walk

Emily Gomez: Thank you so much Brenda you're the best Posing Baby

Michelle Bartell: We LOVE us some Brenda!! Photos were amazing, memories were made for a lifetime, but our conversations were my favorite!!! <3 // Brenda L. Munoz, you are so wonderfully talented and have such an eye for precious moments!! We can't thank you enough for the memories you've provided our family both in the hospital and out. I never had a chance to get newborn pictures done of Lucas or had the chance to do our annual family photo Christmas card for our first family Christmas last year. I never got the chance to get photos done of Lucas on his first Halloween, or celebrating his 1st birthday that I had planned and sent our invitations for. We have missed out on so many special Firsts with Lucas and most of our photos of him, and photos of our little family are in a hospital setting. Thank you for our first proper family portraits. You are such a kind, loving woman, who I am so privileged to call my friend. We love you ♥ Thank you will never be enough. // Bawling my eyes out. Speechless. Humbled. Thankful. We love you Brenda L. Munoz ♥ Third Time's the Charm

Gladys Aguilera: Brenda is looks so good! Baby Seth: 3 Months Old

Alison Linklater: Thank you to Brenda for another wonderful photo session. You are amazing even with a 2 1/2 year old pill :) // I'm so glad we got a session with you! We LOVE your work and how amazing you are with the kiddos!! Seriously Cute

Rheanna White: Omg!!!! This makes me so excited to see the rest of the pictures!! His looks and personality plus your photography skills makes some incredible photos!!! // I knew you took amazing photos before you did our but holy crap you're talented! The way you captured Carson and his personality is simply amazing! Thank you so much for our session. We will be paying your kindness forward!!! Carson's Curl

Sabrina Sullivan: Brenda, I LOVE this picture! <3 Little Miss "L"

Janine Van Poppelen: Yah! So cute! THANK YOU Brenda!!!!!! // Beautiful photos. Amazing things you caught that show Cameron's personality. Thank you! Precious Cameron

Darlin Padilla: Beautiful pictures (: // Awww I love it! <3 Tyler Legacy: 7 Days Old

Ralph Rivas: Thank u Brenda for a wonderful session! Glad Liam was cooperative! // Great pic! Love it. Thnx again Brenda. Liam Judah: 16 Days Old

Jessica Rivas: Thanks again brenda! I'm so glad Liam was cooperative. :-) Liam Judah: 16 Days Old

Corrina Solarte: Soo precious! Sophie & Ethan :: Twins

Sonia Martinez Whitehead: This is an amazing picture! Thank you for supporting my sister, he husband and Lucas! // Wow! God is so amazing! He is so small, but God is so big. Lucas' Open-Heart Surgery

Rachel Luevano: These pictures came out awesome! Lucas is such a fighter! I was very pleased to meet you the other day. Having you in the waiting room with us while Lucas was in surgery was definitely a blessing. It was a nice distraction and I know talking to an adult CHDer fills my sister and bro-in-law, and all of us, really, with a lot of hope. God bless you! Lucas' Open-Heart Surgery

Sandy Pineda: Omg! I absolutely love it! // Just wanted to say thank you so much! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures! We loved all of them! It was such pleasure to watch how you work and enjoyed watching the boys put on a show for you! Your work is amazing and I can't wait to hang our pictures in the living room, although picking which ones to print will be a hard job! Ricky, Tony & David :: Triplets

Danielle Linklater: I LOVE these pics!!! Thanks Brenda!! Best Friends (Caleb: 6 Months Old)

Jeff Linklater: Love it! Best Friends (Caleb: 6 Months Old)

Israel Castro: Our wedding day pictures look so great! Thank you for all of your hard work. Anna and I love all the pictures. You did an amazing job. Anna & Israel's Wedding

Anna Cornejo: Thank you so much Brenda, I loved our wedding day pictures! Anna & Israel's Wedding

Marcos Benavides: Wow Brenda. You did an amazing job with our wedding day pictures. Thank you so much! Rocio & Marcos' Wedding

Rocio Benavides: Thank you so much Brenda, we love them! Rocio & Marcos' Wedding

Nicole DiCarlo: Love it! <3 Brynn Kristina: 8 Days Old

Willie Dawson: Wow Brenda! The pictures are absolutely amazing! Thank you! Chrissie & Willie's Engagement Session

Alma Ulloa: Omg so beautiful! Love love // Thank you sooo much. All the pictures came out beautiful. Really beautiful. Can't wait for the next session :) Thank you once again :) A Birthday Present for Mom

Obed Rodriguez: Thanks for the pictures, they were great! You did a really good job, I love them! Diana & Obed's Engagement

Diana Murcia: Love it!!!! Diana & Obed's Engagement Session

Valerie Gerrish: I can't stop smiling as I look at all of the beautiful pictures you took of my family. Thank you so much! You have an amazing talent. We look forward to working with you again! Nicole Lynn: 9 Days Old

Brenda Ochoa: Que hermosas fotos, wahoo de verdad que tiene un hermoso y gran talento. Que bonito trabajo, me dejo sin palabras.... // Me encantaron las fotos, es asombroso el trabajo que haces.... // Gracias Brenda, que hermosas fotos que tomaste, hermoso el trabajo que haces.... Eres gradiosa.... Little Lyla

Denise Gomez: Brenda, you're thee best!! Ryan Xavier: 9 Days Old

Emily Gomez: Oh brenda thanks a lot u did such a great job I love the pictures. Ryan Xavier: 9 Days Old

Sara Hale: THANK YOU Brenda L. Munoz -- you are truly gifted and such a pleasure to be around ... felt like we were just hanging out at the park and not attempting to get five energetic kids n one place at one time for a photo shoot ... thank you!!! <3 Five Under Nine

Ritchelle Buensuceso: OMG Brenda L. Munoz! Thanks so much!!! They are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you! Such a great gift. // Again, thank you sooo much, you don't know how much these pictures mean to us. An Inspirational Family

Jackie Munoz: Thanks brenda!!!:D Jackie's Sweet 16

Michelle Bartell: THANK YOU BRENDA!!!! I love this!!! You are amazing!! <3 // I'm so so so glad Sara put us in touch! We were so blessed by you, beautiful pictures aside, just spending time in your company and chatting about every and anything was such a blessing during such a tumultuous time in our lives. We are fortunate to meet people like you along our journey who we can call family! We love your stinking guts Brenda!!! xoxo // Brenda L. Munoz is a member of our Heart FAMILY. A fellow heart-mom put me in touch with Brenda who so graciously offered to photograph our son during one of the most important moments of his life.....his 1st Birthday. This is also one of the most important times of his life, because like countless times before, Lucas is currently hospitalized at UCLA Ronald Reagan Mattel Childrens Hospital, fighting for his life. Brenda so patiently answered my endless questions about life as an adult CHDer knowing that I was looking at her life as a window into my sons's possible future. This was more than just a photography session by a beautiful, young, extremely talented artist, this was a time for strangers to come together under the common bond of Congenital Heart Disease to document a time that so few witness unless they too, are part of this world. By the end of the night Brenda became our family. Sharing in our intimate moments, understanding not because she has known us since the beginning of our journey, but because she has spent the last 21 years traveling on her own journey with CHD. There is an unsaid bond between those who have the honor to walk this path. We are a Heart Family. Brenda, you are an encouragement and inspiration to us. You are living proof of what faith and love can bring. We can only pray that one day we will raise such a strong and intelligent Heart Warrior like you. Love & ♥ hugs, The Bartells Lucas' 1st Birthday

Ana Barajas: Me sorprendes Brenda, que bellas fotos.... gracias. Abraham's Easter

Eduardo Reyes: Wow, Brenda! Primero que nada quiero felicitarte por tu trabajo. Estoy seguro que escuchas comĂșnmente esto, pero de verdad eres magistral. Muchas gracias por tu gran trabajo. Model: Eduardo

Mirna Villatoro: Brenda you are awesome! The pictures look amazing. Five Lil' Gals

Daisy Ulloa: I'm loving all the pics! :) Thank you so much! Five Lil' Gals

Erica Lopez: This is what u were meant to do! Awesome work! Five Lil' Gals

Amy Bennett: Oh my goodness Brenda, I am in love with all of these pics! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are AH-MAZING!!! and I LOVE the blog write-up! It totally made me cry. I cannot wait to link it to my blog next week! <3 <3 <3 // Seriously, thank you again. You have given us a priceless gift. We will forever be grateful. :-) The Princess & The Runner

Jeff Linklater: Thank you so much for the photo shoot and amazing pictures! You are the best! Caleb: 13 Days Old

Danielle Linklater: Hi Brenda! We got the CD! The pictures are amazing! I can't thank u enough! Thanks! Caleb: 13 Days Old

Alison Linklater: Brenda I LOVE this picture. Thank you :-) Noah: Little Angel

Scott Linklater: Thanks again for yesterday! You were fantastic with Noah! // Thanks Brenda for an amazing job you did for us! Noah: Little Angel

Stacey Colbert: I love seeing Trevor in pictures. You captured amazing moments of him. Thank you so much! It was great meeting you and hope we can get together again. Heart hugs from the Colbert Family <3 The Warrior. The Dancer. The Soccer Player.

Nicole DiCarlo: Love it! Thank you Brenda! // Thank you Brenda! I can't wait.I love the photos and SOOOO appreciate you doing them!!!!! Travis, Addison & Baby #3

Lisa Hanson: Brenda! Those pictures turned out so great! I love them! Thank so you much for this this for Evan. Evan: Mommy's Love

Joseph Perry: I love the photos of my family! Thank you, Brenda!!! <3 <3 Brave Little Peanut

Krystal Clausen: We love them!! Thank you so much! <3 // Brenda - we received the CD! Thank you so much! We love the pictures, and can't wait to print some of them out to put in frames! Brave Little Peanut