Monday, March 13, 2017

Sarah + Adeel Married | Orange County

It's a beautiful thing when two cultures come together. Adeel is Pakistani and Sarah is Palestinian, and when these two cultures came together SO much beauty emerged, it was truly an honor to capture it all. This was my first Muslim Wedding and it was an incredible experience!

I first met Sarah and Adeel a couple years ago when they had their engagement party. From the second I met them I knew they were something special. They are beautiful, wonderful people, both inside and out. It's rare to find people like them anymore. Their engagement party was a blast and their families made me feel like family - like I was a guest, not a photographer. We then did their engagement session and that's when I knew I *had* to do their wedding, because not only are they beautiful souls, but their style is impeccable! So needless to say, when they contacted me to capture their wedding I was so excited!

Their wedding is one for the books! It was a 3 day event and! So much fun, so much beauty, so much style and so much love! Night One brought gorgeous traditional outfits, one heck of a grand entrance for each of them, some special traditions that were so fun to see/capture for the first time, special presentations and LOTS of dancing. Adeel himself did several of the special presentations - sunglasses and all - and had everyone smiling! The night ended with Adeel hoisted up by his family and friends and so much dancing and fun.

Night Two brought more traditional outfits (I mean seriously, can we talk about Sarah's dresses for both nights?! Wowzers!), a grand entrance for both of them together, more fun and dancing, and a special drum and scarf. The drum is from Pakistan and the scarf is a Palestinian scarf, and together they represent Sarah and Adeel perfectly. It was such a special thing to capture those two items together.

Their Wedding Day started dark, gloomy and raining. Upon seeing that we made arrangements for their pictures... only to have the sun emerge a couple hours before their wedding! We were SO excited when the rain stopped! We got there just in time for the cutest first look as Sarah came down the stairs for her groom to see her for the first time. Sarah was drop-dead gorgeous, and Adeel's expression when he turned around to see her is the cutest! I don't know if it was nerves, or overwhelming joy and excitement, but he burst out laughing. It was so cute!

We then did their portraits. You guys - Sarah and Adeel had a G Wagon as their transport vehicle for the day! You can just imagine how excited I was when I saw that! We did pictures with the G Wagon and just a bunch of portraits. The love these two have for each other shines through - even on dark, gloomy days. After that a very special tradition took place. Sarah went home with her parents and family. Then Adeel and all his family and friends arrived on her block, honking their car horns, banging drums and singing. Sarah and her dad came out of the house, and Adeel and his family took her as the commotion in the background continued. It was really cool to watch, and so funny to see all their neighbors on their doorsteps watching what was going on :) Immediately after this it started raining again. The rain literally held out so we could do their portraits and Sarah could be picked up!

Once Sarah was picked up we headed to the reception. Um, wow! The ballroom was stunning!! There was a grand entrance, toasts took place, the food was delicious, and then their first danced to Earned It. So so so gorgeous. Once the first dance and cake cutting were done with it was time for everyone to dance! So much fun!

Sarah and Adeel - I can't thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of your day. You two are amazing individuals so I can just imagine the power-couple you will be together. Your wedding was incredible, like nothing I had ever witnessed. Here's to a blessed future!


**I outlined it below to separate Night One, Night Two and the Wedding Day so keep an eye out for those 3 titles so you know what you're looking at.

Night One

Night Two

Wedding Day

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