Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring!

I couldn't think of a better session to welcome Spring 2016 with that this session!

Andrea from Lend Me Your Kite did this session for a special blog post about being the second child. Bennett, at 7 months old, is her second baby, and he's the best baby ever. So happy and smiley and he just rolls with the punches. Well, on this day that was supposed to be all about him things didn't quite work out... He was supposed to get his morning nap before the session, but his big brother Declan just wouldn't let him sleep. He did finally fall asleep on the short ride to the park, but then he was woken up and he was in a bad mood. No smiles, no laughs, nothing. Baby boy didn't get his nap because his big brother didn't let him - and by doing so they completely made Andrea's point about being the second baby! So funny the way these things work out :)

Smiles or no smiles, I love these pictures. Bennett is so handsome, and Andrea is stunning. She wore the same outfit that she wore for her maternity session with Bennett and I was amazed at how beautifully it fit her with and without her preggo belly! The love between these two is so obvious and beautiful.

It was such a wonderful session, and how 'bout those cherry blossoms?! I never post sessions on Sunday's, but I couldn't help myself since it's the first day of Spring and I had the perfect session to go with it :)

So Happy Spring everyone! May you have a wonderful and relaxing Spring, full of new things and new beginnings.


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