Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Aneesa! | Long Beach

I first met Aneesa and her family 6 months ago for her 6 month-old milestone session. At the time she was just learning to sit up and she was just adorable. Full of smiles and curious about the world around her. Well this time around we captured her 1 year-old birthday and oh my gosh, she's just the cutest!

Her session took place on the morning when Daylight Savings began so she had just lost an hour of sleep, but even then she was the best! She looked so adorable in her rainbow outfit and then later in her nautical outfit, and she loved snuggling with her mommy and dancing with her daddy. What she totally didn't like was her cake... no lie! It could have just been because she was tired, but she wanted nothing to do with her cake for the smash! We were a little bummed out that she wouldn't smash her cake (her daddy did most of the smashing) but it was still adorable - even the crying shots :)

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl! I can't wait to see what this new year of life holds for you, and I so look forward to continuing to capture your milestones are you grow.


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