Monday, February 1, 2016

Lend Me Your Kite | Motherhood Apparel

One of my favorite client-turned-friends, Andrea, has had a lovely blog ever since I met her in 2014 (and since before then). It doesn't apply to me much because it's all about motherhood, but still, I love reading her blog and all the crazy adventures she and her family embark on (Christmas 2015 is a particular favorite!) She is so real and raw about what motherhood it truly about - the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly. It's a raw and fresh perspective that I think a lot of mom's are afraid to admit to, and I love reading her posts for that reason.

Well, recently Andrea contacted me to shoot her new apparel line! The shoot was so much fun, but I must admit that my favorite part was the second I arrived! So I pull into the park parking lot and I see her car so I head that way to park next to her. As I approach her car I see that she's standing outside the passenger seat door, so I figured she was changing one of her little's diapers (she has a crazy awesome toddler, Declan, and an adorably squishy baby, Bennett). As I park I see that indeed she's changing a diaper - Bennett's - and then I see her run from her car to the play structure with Bennett butt-naked on her arm! At that point I'm already laughing, and as I get out of my car and grab my camera she's coming back to the car with a diaper. Well, apparently Bennett had a blowout diaper the moment they arrived and she had already unloaded the diaper bag so she had to run back to get a diaper. So that explained why she ran with a naked baby at a park. Bennett then comes out of the car and he's wearing little socks, a diaper.... and an oversized blue sweater. Apparently she forgot to pack extra clothes for Bennett (it was only a 30 min session, after all!) and the only other piece of clothing in her car was big brother Declan's sweater. The boys were supposed to be part of the session for a few shots and now Bennett had no pants and a huge sweater on him.... and it was awesome. Because that's what motherhood truly is, embracing things as they come your way. Making the best of it with what you've been given and what you have.

Andrea then dawned on the first shirt for the session: You Best is Enough. And it was. It truly was. Toys everywhere, Declan running around after a squirrel and Bennett without pants - such perfection for this shirt. The shoot only got better from there as she dawned a second shirt, Motherhood, and then we had a blast with the last shirt, Party Like it's Naptime! We sure had fun with that one, confetti and all! The shirts are so comfy and the material is great! I'm really picky with my shirts, and these are some I would definitely buy!

Since this session she has also released a couple more shirts and an awesome hoodie. You can check out all her awesome apparel at Lend Me Your Kite. Grab a shirt or two (or all of them!), and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for some motherhood love.

Congrats on the amazing new step, Andi! So proud of/happy for you!


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