Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Castle of Faith Orphanage + Mini Vaca | Rosarito & Ensenada, BC, Mexico

For years now our local church has been working on our pastors vision: to open an orphanage where kids can be taken care of and loved, as well as taught God's Word. This weekend that vision became a reality as our church opened the doors to Castle of Faith Community Center in Primo Tapia, BC, Mexico. It was an honor to attend the inauguration and capture it with my lens.

View from the girls floor.

The cutting of the ribbon to mark the inauguration.

View from the boys floor at sunset. Seriously, so amazing!

We stayed at my uncle's home in Rosarito. He lives on the beach, so the following morning we got up early and took a walk. Absolutely gorgeous!

On our drive to Ensenada we stopped to take in the view. Incredible!

The group of amazing people that I hung out with all weekend.

On a boat ride in Ensenada with my baby sister and friends.

On our way to La Bufadora in Ensenada.

The shops right outside La Bufadora.

La Bufadora! Just amazing!

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