Wednesday, November 25, 2015

15 Years Later.... | Pasadena

I love when I meet a family and we instantly become friends. That was the case with Lesley, Brandon and precious tiny Alexa a few years ago. Well this year Lesley and Brandon celebrated 15 years of marriage and they decided to renew their wedding vows in the most intimate of ceremonies - and they asked me to photograph it. I was honored.

And what a beautiful little ceremony it was! Alexa kicked things off with some beautiful words, then Brandon spoke, making Lesley tear up (and me!). Lesley then spoke, bring some chuckles (and more tears). I loved that after that they recited their original wedding vows. It was so beautiful that they still had those, and that they decided to not only say some words and make new vows, but to renew their original vows. The beautiful event ended with the mixing of the sands and popping some champagne, and then we headed off to take some pictures.

Congratulations Lesley, Brandon and Alexa! It truly was such a gorgeous little ceremony, and it was such an honor and a privilege to be a part of it.

Here's to another 15 years! (and 15 after that, and 15 after that, and....)

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