Friday, September 11, 2015

Malakye Elizabeth | 8 Days New

What an honor it was to meet this sweet baby girl. You may remember her parents maternity session from a few months ago. Shortly after their maternity session Malakey's daddy was deployed to protect our country, and he probably won't be back until Malakye is about 6 months old. While Chris is gone, Jamie is a rock. Solid. Her faith is strong as she waits for her hubby to come home while she raises tiny Malakye. Seriously, it is such an honor to know this family.

And Malakye... goodness this girl is gorgeous! Her every detail is absolute perfection! She is the squishiest, most snuggly baby girl. We did so many outfit changes and she either slept through them, or she would wake up but after a quick feeding or some paci time she was ready to go again :) And speaking of her outfits... how adorable are they, especially those headbands?? Jamie has the cutest clothes and accessories for her! And it was so precious to see Jamie taking pictures behind the scenes to send to Chris during our session. Unfortunately Chris is missing out on these moments, but Jamie is doing all she can to include him as much as she can.

Lastly, it's incredibly special to post this session today, on the 14th anniversary of September 11th. That was essentially the event that put things in motion for Chris to be deployed 13+ years later, so it's just special to post this today.

Jamie + Chris, what can I say? Congratulations on such a stunning baby girl! It truly is an honor and a privilege to know you and your family. It was such a joy to meet Malakye and take her pictures (as well as meet your mom - love her!). I am so thankful for the sacrifice that you and so many other families make, and you are in my prayers.

Hugs + Blessings,

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