Friday, September 18, 2015

Kellan George | 6 months old

The other day I mentioned on social media that recently I've been doing more indoor sessions, meaning that I get to play more with the darkness and shadows (vs outdoor naturally-lit sessions), and how much I've been loving this new season in my business. This session right here is the perfect example.

When Katie contacted me to capture Kellan's 6 month old sitting milestone I asked her what kind of location she had in mind, and when she told me she wanted to do the session in their home, in their bed and in his nursery, since that's where they spend a lot of their down-time, I got really excited. Upon arriving to their home a few weeks later I was greeted by Katie, Kellan and Stella, their adorable cat outside their home. Once inside I met George and we talked a little about what they session wanted to look like and we went from there. It was super laid back - they just played and talked and read (and drank lots of coffee) and I snapped away. Kellan is a super fun baby boy - and he has rolls + cheeks for days! He's a total mama's boy, but he adores playing with his daddy, and we got the best smiles when George was getting his attention behind me. He loved spending time in bed playing, and he was so cuddly with his mommy in the rocking chair. I just love the rawness and family intimacy that we captured indoors.

Towards the end of the session we headed outside for some final shots, and one of their neighbors was outside with his cute doggie, and Kellan was in love! I'm telling you guys, Kellan's going to need a dog soon - like Christmas! (Yes, I'm officially Kellan's advocate until he gets a dog! :))

Katie + George - it was so wonderful to meet you guys. Kellan is such a beautiful baby, and I had such a good time capturing your wonderful family in this season of your lives. Thank you for trusting me with such precious memories.


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