Friday, June 13, 2014

John Andrew :: 8 Days New

Over the past few days I posted this little guy's maternity session and then his baby shower/welcome party. Well finally here he is: meet John Andrew, 8 days new in these pictures! The little guy came a few weeks early, but he is doing amazing! So strong and healthy! He did battle a little jaundice at first (which had him hospitalized instead of at his welcome party), but really he's doing incredible! Such an amazing little guy.

And did I mention adorable?! OMG he is one of the cutest newborns I have ever seen! He was just over 6 lbs, so he's a tiny little peanut and he was so sleepy all his session - which is exactly what I love :) Except at the very end, he decided to wake up and show off his gorgeous blue/grey eyes! Seriously, just such a beautiful baby. I just about melted as I edited his gallery!

Melissa and Andrew - congratulations! John is amazing! And the fact that he's doing so well is such an answer to so many prayers. What a blessing! Love you guys, congrats! - Hugs, Brenda

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