Friday, June 20, 2014

Better Together :: 2nd Anniversary

I seriously can't believe I have the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing people ever. Shannie and Omar are some of those people.

A little over two years ago I was contacted to shoot a wedding in late June. Unfortunately I wasn't going to be in the States (I traveled to Europe that summer) and so I had to turn that wedding down. I still got to meet the beautiful couple a few months later when I did some holiday shots of them for their Christmas card. But just recently we got in touch again to plan a shoot to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. I had this crazy idea in mind, where we would head to Joshua Tree and shoot in the desert. Well, before I even mentioned it to Shannie she said, "Omar and I were thinking that we would love to do this session at Joshua Tree." Needless to say I was stoked! So for weeks we planned this sunset session at Joshua Tree, but just a few days before the session I was looking at the weather on my phone and saw that it was going to be 113+ degrees at sunset. Not ideal weather, especially for their dogs. So then I got another crazy idea - instead of doing a sunset session, we could do a sunrise session. It would essentially be the same thing and give us the same type of images we were looking for. However, in order to do a sunrise session we would need to leave our homes no later than 3:30am... which meant Shannie would have to get up much earlier than that to do her hair and makeup and get ready. I thought there was no way they would want to do that, but I mentioned it to them anyway. Their response? "Of course! We would love to do that!" Like I said - some of the most amazing people EVER.

The session itself was pure perfection. We arrived just as the sun was peeking out, so we quickly parked and started shooting. I was so excited as I watched everything fall in place so beautifully. From Shannie's outfit choice that really looked incredible in the sunrise, to Omar's loving eyes for his gorgeous wife, to the two of them interacting and LOVE popping in every single shot, and to top it off their two adorable pups Mia and Nano joined us and were so cute... wow! Omar and Shannie are more in love now than ever as they celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and it was an honor to freeze that with my lens.

Enjoy the preview!

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