Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silly, Beautiful Brothers

As I edited this gallery I couldn't help but think how silly these boys were, and how beautiful they are! I mean, really, just look at them!

The very first time I photographed this beautiful family was when Caleb was just 13 days old, and Bryce was almost 2. It was such a beautiful, sweet session in their home where a friendship was forged.

The second time I photographed them was when Caleb was 6 months old, and Bryce was a hilarious little 2.5 year old. We had some much fun with Caleb! And the friendship between these two brothers shone through.

The third time I photographed them was for Caleb's one year old birthday and Brycie's 3 year old birthday. At this point Caleb was waking so it was a fun session, chasing him around!

This time around was no different. We went ALL over the place chasing these silly boys around, laughing and wrestling :) I have such a good time every time I'm with this beautiful family! They are so sincere and beautiful, both inside and out. Danielle & Jeff - gosh, what can I possibly say? I am so honored that you have kept me around as your family photographer over the past couple of years. What a compliment! Thank you so much! - Hugs, Brenda