Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunamarie :: 16 Hours Old

I absolutely love Fresh 48 sessions. The baby is only 4-48 hours old and SO brand new. And perfect. And beautiful.

World - meet Lunamarie. Only 16 hours old for her session. She decided to give her mom a hard time and make her go through a 4 day labor (which unfortunately ended in a C-section, which is why Mommy isn't in most of these pictures since she couldn't sit up yet) - but she's so worth it! Mommy and Daddy are so over the moon in love with their little Luna. I couldn't help but notice how she was only 16 hours old and already had her daddy completely wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger <3

For much of the session Luna decided to stay awake, but she was so calm, just taking in the world around her. What a sweetheart!

Welcome to the world, little one!