Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Anthony!

I feel like all I did in March were milestone sessions for "my" newborns. Several 6mo {Sitting} milestones, and SO many 12mo {Standing} milestones! While I love seeing "my" babies again, can they please stop growing so fast??

Such was the case for this little guy. I first met Anthony and his awesome parents a year ago during his newborn session. He was such a teeny tiny peanut at just 9 days old. I then got to see him again for his baby cousin's newborn session, at which time he was 6 months old, so we made sure to get a couple 6mo pictures of Anthony too.

This time around Anthony was just a few days short of ONE, and such a big boy! He wasn't walking yet, but he was crawling at the speed of light! We had so much fun chasing him around, and chasing the ducks and squirrels with him :) Anthony loves the Cookie Monster so we themed his session around that, chocolate chip cookies and all. I love he result! Then towards the end of his session, his big cousin Daisy and little cousin Kaylee arrived for some cousin pictures and he loved seeing them and getting to play with Daisy and Kaylee :) (This also happens to serve as Kaylee's 6mo pictures, so that works out great! :)

Elizabeth and Ruben - wowzers. Anthony is so big and so stinkin' adorable! Thank you so much for trusting me with capturing his first year! - Hugs, Brenda