Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Avery Rae :: 12 Days New

Remember this super cute pregnancy announcement? Well - baby Avery Rae Kerman is here! And I had the privilege of capturing her at just 12 days new!

Avery is absolutely perfect. And beautiful. And precious. From the top of her fluffy blond hair to the bottom of her ice-cold toes (seriously, this girl has such cold feet!). We had so much fun not only posing her, but involving their awesome dog Brady, who is such a ridiculously awesome boy! He's so funny too, because he LOVES Avery, yet he's so upset with mommy! When she was holding Avery he wouldn't even look at her! So, for now, Brady only likes Avery and daddy :) We also had so much fun incorporating Brad's firefighter gear, some of my favorite newborn shots ever!

Amber & Brad - congratulations! What a precious little one you have been blessed with! Avery is absolutely perfect. So beautiful and so precious. Congratulations, and thanks again for the opportunity to capture your brand new little family :) - Hugs, Brenda