Monday, April 28, 2014

95th Birthday

A few days ago I had the honor of documenting a very, very special session. About 5-6 months ago Suzie (Jade's mommy) booked me for her grandma's 95th birthday party celebration. That's not a typo, you read that right - 95th birthday party celebration! I'd met her at Jade's newborn session when she dropped by for a few minutes, and she was just the sweetest lady. And I couldn't believe she was 94! She was walking, talking, making jokes, cuddling her great-grandkids and she's sharp as a nail! What a blessing!

Unfortunately, just a week before her big birthday celebration she fell and injured her hip and had to have surgery. I couldn't believe it when Suzie told me. This sweet gal endured surgery at 95 - and came through with flying colors! Unfortunately she wasn't discharged in time for her party, and because family was flying in from several different states they decided to not reschedule the party so everyone wouldn't loose their airfare, and do pictures with her at the hospital before the party.

I gotta say, she's a trooper! Towards the end of the session we noticed she was in some pain, so her daughters asked her if she wanted to just end it there and go back to her room so she could get some rest, and she said she could go on for a little longer so we could finish. Wow! I know these memories are so important and special but still, to be in pain and keep going was such a testament to the kind of person she is! What an example she is to her beautiful family.

And speaking of her family.... they blew my mind. The way they all came together from different states to celebrate their mother/sister/grandmother/great-grandmother was something so beautiful to witness. Everyone loves her so very much, from her 6 children to her many grandkids, and her dozens of great-grandkids. It really was such an honor and privilege to spend the afternoon with her and capture this gorgeous family. And since we're on that topic - OMG there are SO many adorable kids in this family! Seriously, it should be illegal to have these many good-looking kids in one family, it's not fair to the rest of us! :)

Thank you all SO much for trusting me with documenting such a special event. You are an incredible family! And Happy 95th Birthday! :) - Hugs, Brenda