Friday, March 7, 2014

Matthew Roy :: 3 Months Old

I recently got to photograph the cutest, sweetest, most adorable little 3 month-old. We scheduled the session on the warmest day of the week but even then, once we were there it was a little chilly. We decided to try a few diaper shots anyway, before the afternoon got even cooler, and little Matty was oh-so good! He just wanted to snuggle his beautiful mommy and look at me with his beautiful dark eyes. What a sweetheart! We had such a good time playing with him and working for smiles. Then, towards the end of the session the little guy decided it was time for a nap - and we got the most beautiful sleeping shots of him during golden hour. I love the shots we got!

Nancy, it was SO nice to meet you and your adorable little Matty. That little one is so beautiful - congratulations! I look forward to "working" with you in the future and watching Matthew grow as e capture his milestones :) - Brenda

Also, Nancy's friend joined us for the session to help Nancy out with Matthew, and she brought her little guy along to have some fun at the park during the session. Since Matty fell sleep with a few minutes still left to his 2 hours session, we did some shots of Mr. Kevin. OMG. This kid is awesome! He's so sweet and silly and adorable! Here are just a few shots that we did in like 5 minutes :)