Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Emmalyn Elizabeth :: 11 Days New

Recently I had the privilege of photographing this stunning baby girl. Emmalyn was just 11 days old for her session, and boy was she so perfect and beautiful! She was a teeny tiny little peanut at just over 5lbs so most of my outfits/props didn't fit her, but we got the most beautiful, simple, pure shots. I love that about this session. There are very little props, it's all just baby. Pure, beautiful, brand new baby. And I love all the detail shots I got, like her precious tiny feet and toes, her perfect little hands, her "nursing blistering" kissable lips, her gorgeous teeny ears, her soft newborn hair and even some rolls on her back. I just love all the details. Newborns change so fast, so freezing these tiny features in time is priceless.

Sarah, Scott, Alex and Caleb - congratulations! What a perfect addition Emmalyn is to your already-beautiful family. She is so beyond gorgeous, and such a sweet baby girl. Thank you for the opportunity to do capture her at such a young age, it's a privilege to me. - Hugs, Brenda

PS - The kitty below is Buttercup. She was super shy at first and wouldn't even come out from under the bed, but as I was shooting she slowly came out and smelled my newborn props - and she loved them and finally let me play with her and pet her! Such a sweetheart :)