Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Evan!

I've been photographing Evan Jay before he was born. I had the privilege of capturing his maternity session, where I met his beautiful family. Then I had the honor of meeting him as a teeny tiny little bundle when I did his newborn session at just 14 days old. I then didn't see him until his 12mo {Standing} Milestone session a couple weeks ago.

It was such a surprise to see such a big, beautiful boy! Evan now crawls at the speed of light, he stands (though he's not a fan), he babbles a ton, he loves soccer balls and baseballs and he is OBSESSED with his gorgeous big sister Kass! I mean seriously, capturing the love between this young lady and this baby boy was so precious. She is so patient with him and loves him so much, and Evan just adores Kass.

And speaking of Kass - OMG!! This girl is 11 and she is STUNNING! While Evan took a little break for a snack, Kass and I snuck off to do some pictures of just her and goodness, my camera loved this girl! She is absolutely gorgeous - and she's only 11! Oh goodness Jose - you need to get a huge stick to keep at the boys away from this beautiful girl of yours! :) And not only is Kassidy beautiful on the outside, she's equally as beautiful on the inside. She's smart and she's funny and she's kind.

Maria & Jose - wow. You are so blessed with such beautiful children. It is so obvious that you're doing an excellent job with your children. They are exceptional human beings, not to mention SO beautiful. Thank you for trusting me again to document your amazing family, it truly is an honor. And lastly  Happy 1st Birthday, Evan! It was so great to see you again and see how much you've grown and what an adorable little man you are! :) - Hugs, Brenda