Friday, February 7, 2014

Clayton Nigel, 9 Days New

Last weekend I had the privilege of capturing my first newborn of 2014. What a newborn to kick the year off with! Little Clayton was the sweetest, calmest awake newborn I have EVER worked with. Mom requested sibling photos, and since Clayton was wide awake when I got there that's what we started out with. Big brothers Liam (5yo) and Gavin (3yo) were so much fun. I love a little boys energy! We played soccer (yes, inside the house!) between almost every setup change. I was goalie every time, and their goal was to get all 3 balls past me before we could do the next set of pictures. I *may* have let a few of those balls go past me so we could get on with the next set... :-)

And in the midst of all the yelling, jumping, squealing and kicking, Clayton stayed perfectly calm. Wide awake, but perfectly calm and sweet, just taking in his surroundings. I'd never had a newborn do that before! I so loved getting to photograph Clayton so wide awake and calm. And I love the shots we got. I'm all for the props and such, but there's just something so pure and simple and special about just a newborn in a white backdrop. Or just a newborn with shirtless brothers. I really loved the "simple theme" of this session. Plus I got to snuggle Clayton on my chest to put him to sleep for some pictures by himself so that totally made my day :-)

Elizabeth and John - what can I say? Your boys are so beyond beautiful. Liam and Gavin are SO much fun and so handsome, and Clayton is so perfect and adorable and squishy. You are so blessed with such a stunning family, and I thank you for trusting me with these special memories. - Hugs, Brenda