Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolution :: 2014

During the holiday season there are a lot of car commercials. A LOT. I don't normally pay attention to them, but while I was editing I heard something that caught my attention so I looked at the TV. It was a Mercedes Benz commercial, and they said, "127 years ago the founder of Mercedes Benz wrote something on a sheet of paper and placed it in his factory for all to see. Words meant to inspire, provoke, and push. Four simple words, but the meaning has never been lost. The challenge always accepted. And the calling forever answered." Then they showed that piece of paper. It read "das beste oder nichts." 

The best or nothing.

For the past few months I have been praying for what my New Year's Resolution for 2014 should be, not just for my photography business, but for my life in general this year. When I heard those words I thought, "That's it!"

My resolution for this year is to do the very best, or nothing. Nothing will be done halfway. Everything I do is done In God's Name, By God's strength, and for God's glory and this year it will be the very best.

2013 was an incredible year for Brenda L. Munoz Photography. And if 2013 was incredible, 2014 will be so much better. You can count on it.

Happy 2014 everyone!