Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Michael!

The last time I saw Michael he was a bouncing 9 month old. He was obsessed with peek-a-boo, he loved the beach and we got some of my all-time favorite golden hour pictures. Ever.

This time around Michael is one! His personality is just so precious! Michael is now obsessed with... wait for it... phones! He'll take any toy and put it up to his ear and just start speaking into it. Cutest thing ever! He also loves taking his shoes off, riding in his wagon, eating crunchy autumn leaves (seriously - that was our biggest battle!), and pulling his clothes off the hangers so that he can play with the hangers :-) We had such a good time playing with Michael and I absolutely love what we got.

This was also my very last session of 2013! What a perfect and beautiful way to end the year. Not only was it a lifestyle + Christmas session, but it was also a {milestone} one year old session with repeat clients! Love that!

Maria and Miguel - what can I say? You have such a stunning family. That Michael is such a character with the most adorable, feisty personality. You are so, so blessed. Happy 2014! :-) - Hugs, Brenda