Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Favorite Shot of 2013"

For the month of January Rock the Shot is having a challenge called "Favorite Shot of 2013". I  thought it would be cool to participate just so I would have the opportunity to pick a favorite. It really was a great idea - until I got down to 14 and couldn't narrow them down anymore! So I uploaded a new album to Facebook and Instagram asked all my clients to vote for their favorite shot over the course of 24 hours.

So last night I closed the voting and added up the votes on both FB and IG... and this was the winning shot! This is Josiah Aiden at just 8 days old back in August 2013. Josiah's dad is the drummer at their church so that's where the inspiration for this shot came from. It's always been one of my favorites - and what's even more fun about it is that I get to see Josiah in a few weeks for his 6mo milestone session and we will be using that same drum to show his growth. I can't wait! :-) Congrats S Family! :-)

And thank you to all my 2013 clients for being so incredible - and thank you all for voting! You made this so much fun :-)