Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Um... WOW!

This is the second time that I photograph this family and, like it seems to happen with all my returning clients, this time was even better than the first! Both Josiah and Valerie are a whole year older so they interacted more with me and we had such a good, silly time. Josiah is SO smart and his manners are incredible. He is such a handsome and sweet little boy, and just such a joy to be around. Valerie is equally as sweet and she's such a funny little girl. She's in love with her daddy and "banana pants" :-) As I was editing their gallery I kept thinking, "Um... WOW!! This is one good-looking family!" Nancy and Frank - you have such beautiful children. It's evident that you're doing such an amazing job raising these two little blessings. Well done, my friends. Merry Christmas! :-) - Hugs, Brenda