Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kamila :: 6 Months Old

Last time I posted on Kamila she was just 14 days old and absolutely gorgeous. Six months later some things have changed, while others have stayed the same: Kamila is now sitting up, laughing and playing. But she's just as gorgeous! I love seeing "my" newborns over the months and seeing how much they've grown up, it's always so amazing to see the change. And it was so great that her 6 month old milestone landed right before Christmas, because then we got to do their Christmas pictures too! :-) Kassie and Jr. are also so much bigger and so.stinkin'.cute. Kassie is absolutely stunning, and she's such a smart little girl. Jr. is so beyond handsome, and he as one of the most beautiful serious faces I have ever seen on a little boy! Sandra and Freddie - you are so blessed with such an beautiful family. Your kids are so beautiful, and you have such a beautiful family. Merry Christmas! -Hugs, Brenda