Monday, December 2, 2013

Instagram Giveaway Winner

A few weeks back I had a mini-session giveaway on Instagram only (@bmunozphotography) and this was the family that won! I love this family so much. Roseanna is my cousin and we basically grew up together, and so now to see her married to Steven and with her beautiful little boy is just so wonderful.

And speaking of her little boy... Jeremiah is HILARIOUS and he is so smart. Roseanna and Steven are in for it! He's so smart and he's SO convincing! Oh, and did I mention hilarious?! Yeah, this kid had me laughing half the time. I have the tendency of calling little boys "buddy" or "bud", and so towards the beginning of the session I said something like "Hey bud, can you please come stand here?" and he looked at me straight in the eyes, pointing his little finger at my face and said, "Hey. My name is not bud, it's Jeremiah." That was it, we couldn't stop laughing! :-)

Steven, Roseanna and Jeremiah - it was so wonderful to capture your beautiful family. You are so blessed with each other, and Jeremiah is such a ridiculously awesome kid. Love you guys! - Brenda