Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun, Times Three

I seriously get to meet the most amazing, beautiful people through my line of work. I got to photograph this stunning family a few days ago. Jacob is 9 years old and this dude is hilarious. And handsome. And smart! Seriously, girlies - Jacob is the whole package :-) Ian is 5 years old and he's such a silly little guy, so passionate and oh so sweet! And Marc is 18 months old and he had me chasing him the whole session. No kidding. It wasn't until the last 5 minutes that I finally figured out what he liked and we got some great pictures of him! Seriously, I love toddlers, they really give me a run for my money :-) Oh, and Marc also has congenital heart disease (like I do, though we have different diagnosis) but you'd never know it from just looking at him. Marc is a feisty little ball of energy! :-) Leo and Jen - you have such a gorgeous family! Your boys are SO much fun, and they're so handsome. Merry Christmas! - Hugs, Brenda