Monday, December 9, 2013

At the Beach with the Family

Last time I photographed this family, it was just Mark, Debbie and the boys. Cody was all about playing and talking to me, but Tyler would barely look at me, much less talk to me. This time around I got to meet and photograph the "E" Family along with Debbie's parents and sister - and Tyler actually talked to me! I love it when I can win a little kids trust enough to have a conversation with them :-)

I love it when I get to photograph whole families. Having Debbie's parents and sister join their beautiful family was so special. And speaking of Debbie's sister, Jen... she's pregnant! She's expecting her first little one early next year, and she's such a cute preggo :-) And to top it all off, their session was at the beach. I LOVE it! California is one of the very few states where you can do Christmas pictures at the beach, and I love it when families take advantage of that :-)

It was SO nice to meet all of you. The boys have grown so much and are so stinkin' handsome! Merry Christmas! :-) - Brenda