Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cameron :: Pure Joy

This is the second time I photograph this beautiful family and I couldn't help but feel pure joy as I got to spend a morning with them. Janine and Eric are SO in love with their beautiful little girl, and their expressions as they look at her and play with her are that of JOY. Plus I couldn't believe how much little Cameron has grown! The first time I captured them she was just a baby in mommy's and daddy's arms. This time around Cameron is a running toddler and so.much.fun! She was such a joy to chase around and capture her many expressions and personalities. Cameron also looks so much like you, Janine, and Eric - she has you completely wrapped around her little finger! So precious. AND, to top it off, as I was leaving not only did she say "Thank you Brenda" in the cutest voice EVER, but she also blew kisses to me as I was getting in my car - which apparently she only does to people she likes! Swoon! :-)

Janine and Eric - it was so much to see you guys again. Cameron is so big now, SO stunning and such a joy. What a blessing that little girl is! Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for your beautiful family, and thank you for a fun morning! - Hugs, Brenda :-)