Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr. Peek-a-Boo Michael

This past weekend I got to hang out with such a smiley, cutest little boy! Michael is 9 months old and such a little doll! As soon as we met up I played peek-a-boo and that was it, he flashed me a huge smile! And then throughout the whole session I played peek-a-boo and acted totally NOT my age to get him to smile. At one point we were on the crowded pier and I was jumping up and down with my arms (and camera!) in the air to get a tired Michael to smile for some last golden hour pictures! Yup, it was such a fun session :-)

We started our session at the park, where Michael got to swing and play in the fall leaves, and then we headed to the beach + pier to get some pictures there. I love it when families decide to do park + beach + pier pictures. It gives the session a nice twist with the 2 locations. And I gotta say, this beach session was one of my favorites. The lighting was gorgeous, the family was stunning and Michael got along SO well with my props! My favorites are definitely the anchor pictures :-)

Miguel and Maria - it was so nice to meet you. You have such a beautiful little family! Michael is SO MUCH FUN. Enjoy him! :-) - Brenda