Friday, September 27, 2013

Kaylee Elizabeth :: One Month Old

Little Kaylee Elizabeth is a miracle baby. For years and years she was prayed and hoped for by her mommy, her daddy and her big sister Daisy, and now she's finally here. I always recommend that newborn sessions be done at 5-12 days old, but Kaylee spent some time in the NICU because she was 7 weeks early and so her session was done when she was much older. But Kaylee rocked all the newborn poses, she was such a champ!

Kaylee has the most adorable little cheeks, rolls on her arms and chunky thighs - love it! Throughout her whole session she was smiling at me - at all the wrong times! I always had my camera down either because I was dressing her, I was changing the backdrop or I was moving her. Then at the very end of her session she flashed me this HUGE smile while I was actually taking pictures of her - totally made my day! :-)

Alexandra, Salomon and Daisy - congratulations on such a gorgeous baby girl. You have been so blessed by this little miracle! - Brenda