Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barajas Family, 2013

My maternal grandparents live in Mexico (a town right outside Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco) and they only come to the States once a year in late summer/early fall. They're here now, and we decided to do this year's family session on the very first day of fall. What a way to kick off my favorite season of the year! :-)

My grandparents had 10 kids, and 6 of them are in the States, along with 17 grandkids. Unfortunately 3 of the grandkids weren't able to make it (we missed you Mayra, Omar and Erika!) but there was a good bunch of us and we had such a good time! I love growing up in such a big family (both on my mom's and my dad's side of the family), family reunions are FANTASTIC!

Also, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Jacky (cousin from my dad's side). I asked her to join us so she could take the pictures that I was going to be in and she ended up taking most of the pictures herself and did an awesome job! Thank you SOOO much Jacky, love you Pera! :-)

Here is the whole family that is in the States :-)

My grandparents and all the grandkids! Ranging from 23 years old to 18 month old twins :-)

My grandparents and their 6 kids that live here in the States.

My hilarious grandpa and his 7 granddaughters :-)

My beautiful grandma and her 7 grandsons :-)

The pictures from here on out are of my grandparents with the families of their kids :-)

My beautiful grandparents!

And these are just pictures of each family.