Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Violet :: 15 Days Old

I first met The Q Family at the end of last year for their Holiday Session. Little Joey wasn't a year old yet and wasn't yet walking, and baby Violet was a teeny, tiny little peanut.

This time around little Joey is a beautiful little toddler. The whole session he was playing and watching his TV shows and running around. He is such a fun little boy! And little Violet is absolutely perfect! She was so good for her session and we had so much fun dressing her up like a little doll :-) And little Joey was so good for his pictures with Violet too, giving her kisses and touching her belly :-)

Joey and Karen - congratulations on such a beautiful family. Little Joey and Violet are so absolutely perfect and gorgeous kids. You are so, so blessed and I'm so happy for you :-) Hugs, Brenda