Friday, July 12, 2013

A Bunch Like No Other

Over the Independence Day long weekend we had this year I took a little road trip down to San Diego to meet up with this beautiful family. They drove to California from Arizona for a little vacation and decided to have me do their family pictures while they were here. To say that it was an honor to receive that email and photograph this family would be an understatement.

Stacey and her beautiful family were referred to me by Amy and her family (remember Bodie?? :-). Their youngest daughter, Zoe, also has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (essentially she has half a heart) like Bodie, so I had heard about Stacey/Zoe through Amy's blog but we had never met until San Diego. It was so nice to finally meet them. What a beautiful family they are, both inside and out! We talked and took pictures for over two hours and I just had such a great time with them. Stacey, her husband Caleb and their daughters Emmy (5 years old) and Zoe (3 years old) were joined by Stacey's wonderful parents, Jeff and Karen, and Stacey's sister Stephanie and her husband Paul. It was so nice to meet Stacey's whole family and we had a blast! I have to say a special thank you to Grandpa Jeff, who was SO entertaining the whole time and made the girls laugh in most of these pictures! :-) And the girls... so cute! Emmy was in a great picture-taking mood and had so much fun burying herself in the sand and making her grandparents and mom and aunt laugh while I took pictures of them :-) And Zoe was a little ball of energy, into everything - except the water! Such adorable little girls.

Stacey, Caleb, Karen, Jeff, Stephanie, Paul, Emmy and Zoe... what can I say? It was so, so nice to meet you all. The support you all give Zoe through her journey is something to marvel at. The love in your family jumps out, even in still images, and you are a bunch like no other. And you all look SO great in the pictures that I had a hard time picking with images to blog! Normally I blog two dozen images but for this session I'm blogging 37 - even more if you consider that a bunch of these images are doubled! :-) Thank you so much for trusting me with these most precious memories. And I hope you had a fantastic California trip! :-) Hugs, Brenda