Monday, April 22, 2013

The Hale Bunch

This is the second time that I photograph this stunning family (first session here) and they just get better and easier to photograph - and boy are they a beautiful family or what?! No joke - the family shots in this post I got on the very first try. The sibling shots were a little harder with mommy not there to hold little "Miss I'm Two-and-a-Half Years Old and I Can do What I Want" but still - best kids ever! From oldest to youngest, Owen is 10, Max is 7, Evelyn is 5, Townsend is 4 and Paige is 2 and a half.

These kids are so, so sweet. I was especially impressed with Owen, as he helped Paige and followed her around and played with her in the bushes with the roses. Being the oldest sibling myself, I know that the younger siblings look up to me and so I have to be a good example to them. Same goes for Owen and wow, he does the hard job of the oldest sibling WELL. He's an excellent example to his younger siblings, he's so patient and has so much love for them. Max and Evelyn are adorable little kids and they're so funny to watch! Max really wasn't in the mood for picture but he cooperated so well, and Evelyn was ALL about the pictures and was just hamming it up for my camera. Townes was such a joy and he was being so silly. He especially loved playing the "don't laugh game" with his daddy - that's how we got those precious smiles. And Paige, well, she was a ball of energy. As soon as she got there she threw her shoes off and ran around the little park and was unstoppable! She's such a cute little girl and she loves her big brothers and sister.

Aaron and Sara - thank you for the opportunity to do a session for your guys again. Your family is absolutely beautiful, and without a doubt you are wonderful parents. It's the only thing that explains your kids being the kind of kids they are. It's really refreshing to see such well-behaved, good-mannered kids that love each other so much that a stranger can immediately detect it. I hope you like these as much as I do! Hugs, Brenda