Monday, March 11, 2013

Beyond Resilient

I don't even know where to start with this post. I met Tina and her sons through a mutual friend, Sara, after I did her session last year. Tina has two sons, Michael who is 10, and little Matthew who is 5. Little Matthew just went through a year and a half long battle with cancer, neuroblastoma if I'm not mistaken - and he won! Just the day before our session he had surgery to have his broviac line removed and that was the last of his tubes. When Tina messaged me and told me that Matthew would have surgery the day before our session, so our session, in a way, would be a great way to celebrate that, I told her that we could reschedule because I was expecting Matthew to be tired and not feeling well. Let me tell you, it was the complete opposite! Matthew was all over the place, running way ahead of us and running back and climbing trees and getting soaked at the beach! I was completely blown away by how beyond resilient this little guy is!

And then when speaking to Michael, you can just see how incredibly sweet he is. He was taking care of Matthew the whole time, helping him when climbing trees and helping us getting him to "pose" (you know, just stand still for 2 seconds!). Michael is such a loving and beautiful young man, it was so wonderful and refreshing to see.

Tina, it was so, so nice to meet you and your beautiful boys. I know I told you at the session but I'll say it again - I am so blown away by your amazing family. Your courage and strength as you went through this battle is inspirational. I know there's always a risk that the cancer can come back, and I know that that will always be in the back of your head, but enjoy this phase in your lives where Matthew is healthy and thriving. You have a beautiful family, and such a beyond resilient little boy, you are such an inspiration. I loved meeting you, and I hope you love these sweet memories as much as I do. - Hugs, Brenda