Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tyler Legacy: 7 Days Old

Where to begin... Mayerlin and I met at church in the summer of 1997. We were both 6 years old and we immediately clicked. We were a trio: Mayerlin, Lorena and me. We were inseparable. We did everything together for years and year. My family and her family often went out to eat after church on Sundays. Mayerlin has a younger sister who is my younger sisters age, and a little brother who is my little sisters age so we all just got along so well. We were inseparable.

In April 2005 when my dad passed away in an accident, Mayerlin and her mom were one of the first people to arrive at my house. I remember Mayerlin and I just sat there in silence. She didn't know what to say to me, and I welcomed the silence after hearing so much crying and screaming and chaos all day long. She was my rock on that first Father's Day in 2005 when my wounds were fresher than ever. Then in December 2005 I had to have my open-heart surgery. I remember she wasn't able to visit me at the hospital because I was in the PICU for so long and minors weren't allowed in the PICU, especially during cold and flu season, but the moment I was discharged and went home, she as there with balloons and a stuffed animal. She saw me through my recovery.

So to say that this session was an honor for me to do would be an understatement. I LOVED photographing Mayerlin as a wife and a mother. I've had the pleasure of knowing her as a child, as a crazy teenager (which we both were :-), as a young adult, then as a wife and now as a mother. So enough talk - onto the pictures! :-)

Meet BEAUTIFUL 7 day-old Tyler Legacy. Wow. What a beautiful newborn. Sporting his Burberry bow tie and all :-)

Who says week-old babies don't laugh?! Tyler thought I was hilarious :-)

Tyler is the perfect mix of both Mayerlin and Gabriel.

Just look at that eye contact. Precious, precious baby.

The details... I love baby toes and hands.

Gabriel is so in love with his little man.

Putting his kid to sleep - love the rolls :-)

Once Tyler was sound asleep we got to work. This was Gabriel's idea. I love it. All those pictures show the love between Gabriel and Mayerlin, and now here's Tyler, the product of their love.

Tyler is already learning all about man's best friend :-)

Aviator hat!

What a precious, precious little boy.

It doesn't get any sweeter...

Oh wait, it does :-)

One of my absolute favorites :-)

Butt-naked :-)

Just look at those kissable lips!

I love his hairy back/shoulders :-)

Then we tried something a little more "vintagy".


This is also very special. In 2008 Gabriel's dad passed away, and this hat belonged to him. It was so special to Gabriel to be able to use it in his newborn son's picture.

Little sock monkey :-)

And then it was on to some Holiday pictures :-)

Precious little peanut!

At the very end of our session we headed outside to get some pictures of them as a family. Love these - the kiss and the moment right after the kiss :-)

"Yeah.... this is boring. Can we kiss me now?" :-)

Gabriel and his little man.

So in love with him.

Mayerlin and her little guy. Seriously girl - you look GREAT!

Not sure what's more precious.... Mayerlin looking at Tyler with complete love and awe, or Tyler smiling at his gorgeous mom.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Mayerlin and Gabriel - it was SO nice to meet you beautiful little baby boy and do this session for your guys. I still can't believe you have such a gorgeous little boy - he's just perfect! I hope you like these as much as I do, and I love you guys! Hugs, Brenda