Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seriously Cute

I love when clients come back and I get to see the kids grow up. Last time I saw this family, Noah wasn't yet two, and Zach was a tiny peanut inside Alison. Last time I saw them, Noah still looked like a baby. And now, just ten months later, Noah is a little boy and Zach is sitting up by himself and teething like crazy. How does time fly so fast?!

We started with some family pictures and in Noah's usual style, he started out very serious. Love those serious faces though - seriously, it's so cute!

Alison and her little man. Precious little guy!

Scott and his little one.

And then Zach by himself. He was in love with the grass!

Then I tried focusing on Noah.

Those lashes!

Beautiful little boy.

We then tried for some more family pictures, and I love these outtakes!

We then tried this basket that I had in my trunk - score!

And some more family outtakes.

These people belong in a magazine :-)

And here's one for the wall! :-)

Noah is so in love with him mom.

Alison - you are beautiful! You wear your babies well :-)

I then tried to get some more of Noah - success!

I must give credit to little brother Zach for helping us make big brother Noah laugh :-)

And some more of Zach. Seriously, this kid loves grass!

Mommy and her boys.

Daddy with his boys.

One of my favorite family shots!

Zach was loving going up in the air!

But then, so was Noah :-)

This was literally the last picture we took, and my favorite! We were already heading back to our cars and Ali suggested we try something like this. At this point Noah just wanted to get to the beach already, and Zach as exhausted and all he wanted were his mom and his thumb. But hey, we decided to try it. And boy did we have to WORK for it! But Ali - we got it! So glad we tried it and worked so hard! :-)

Ali and Scott, it was so good to see you guys again, and see how much Noah has grown and meet little Zach. You have such a beautiful family! I hope you like this little sneak peek and Happy Holidays! :-) Hugs, Brenda/Harbor