Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Precious Cameron

If you've read my blog-site in the past then you know that I have Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and have worked a lot with families struck by CHD for a while now. This past weekend I had the chance to meet a precious, precious baby girl with HLHS. And what an absolute joy she was!

Meet precious Cameron and her parents, Eric and Janine. Just so you know, I play a mean game of pee-a-boo :-)

Just seconds into our sessions there were already snuggles and so much love.

Since Cameron was in an excellent mood, we moved on to some relaxed portraits. Love this one with Eric.

So sweet!

Things were going so well so we tried another family portrait and wa-la!

Seriously, Cameron was such a good baby!

Then some relaxed portraits with Janine. Eric was being super silly behind me, Cameron loved it :-)


This has got to be one of my favorite mommy-daughter portraits. Janine - it's easy to see where Cameron got her good looks!

Then we moved on to some individuals of Miss Cameron. Love her eyes.

She was the cutest expressions.

"Would you like some grass?" :-)

We then tried for another family portrait - seriously, this kid was too much!

This is definitely a framer!

They then did a quick outfit change and it was on to more of Cameron. Told you she has the cutest expressions :-)

A couple more with mommy in their new outfits.


We then thought, hey, who not another family portrait? Cameron was THAT good.

She certainly had a great time with daddy!

One for daddy's desk!

And speaking of daddy, our session was literally right before the 49er's game, and Eric really wanted to get home in time to watch the game. His reward for cooperating for SO long? Pictures with his hot wife :-)

You guys are SO cute!

At the very end we put Cameron on her tummy. Apparently she hates tummy time - but not only did she do it for me, but she smiled and had fun with it!

And up she went again :-)

Those eyes!

And eyelashes! Seriously, she's such a precious little girl.

Janine and Eric - it was SO nice to meet you. You both are beautiful people, both inside and out. (even if Janine and I are technically rivals.... GO BRUINS! :-) I had so much fun at your session, and I hope you like the images are much as I do! -Hugs, Brenda