Friday, November 23, 2012

Carson's Curl

A couple of days ago I got to photograph an adorable little guy - with a cute little curl :-)

Meet almost-one-year-old Carson.

Seriously - cutest little boy!

Look at those big dark eyes!

And those precious baby lashes.


Now meet their little family. Rheanna - you are beautiful!

It's easy to see where Carson got his good looks from :-)

We then tried Santa hats....

Success!! Rheanna found this idea on Pinterest - so cute!

Bow-tie baby!

Bow-tie baby - walking in adorable little Vans!

SO CUTE. Plus apparently my bow-tie was tasty :-)

Then the yawns began and we knew we were done :-)

Yay! Rheanna and Nick - it was SO good to meet you guys and your beautiful little boy. I had such a fun afternoon with you guys, and I love the shot we got. I hope you like hem too! :-) Hugs, Brenda