Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Seth: 3 Months Old

Last weekend I had the chance to meet a beautiful, chunky little guy and his family - including grandparents. I LOVE sessions that include the grandparents too. Generational shots say so much, and they mean so much to families.

Meet 3 month old Seth and his beautiful mom and grandparents.

Just look at those cheeks and that serious face!

As soon as we went indoors for a quick outfit change Seth decided it was time for a power nap. Precious baby.

Mommy and baby. Gladys - you look SO good just 3 months after having your baby!

Seth was only asleep about 15 minutes but once he woke up he was ready to go! :-)

I was SO excited when we got these Christmas shots!!

Look at that chunker! Love baby rolls!

And more Christmas shots :-)

Gladys, it was so nice to meet you and your parents and your beautiful baby! Happy Holidays! -Brenda (PS - I love this Santa Butt :-)