Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sophie & Ethan :: Twins

Last weekend I had the chance to photograph a beautiful set of twins, and their big brother and sister. What a gorgeous family!

Meet 9 year-old Eric. What a handsome young man.

His parents are going to need a stick to keep all the girls away from him in just a couple of years! His eyes are absolutely dazzling.

Now meet Hayden, Eric's little sister. She's such a gorgeous little girl!

In between photos she loved jumping in her trampoline :-)

Hayden and Eric - precious.

One of my favorite sibling shots ever! Eric and Hayden are so smitten with one another.

Now meet all 4 siblings. Absolutely gorgeous.

Big sister Hayden with baby sister Sophie. Beautiful girls.

Big brother Eric and Baby brother Ethan. Handsome, handsome brothers.

Hayden and her little brother Ethan. Just precious.

Eric and his baby sister. From what I saw, Eric is such a good big brother. Hayden, Sophie and Ethan are so lucky to have him.

This was totally Eric's idea. I love that he was so involved in the pictures.

He even brought a hat of his for Hayden! One of my favorites :-)

Once we'd gotten a good amount of Eric and Hayden and all 4 siblings, it was time to focus on Sophie and Ethan. Love this one of Sophie. So peaceful and innocent.

Sophie in a tutu.

Absolutely precious. Such a girly :-)

And Ethan just slept! "The Thinker" :-)

Just precious.

Sophie in a Santa hat.

And then we put them together. Yeah - Sophie was NOT impressed!

But nothing a bottle can't fix :-)

And Ethan just slept! Love this kid :-)

Precious twins.

And we'll end with this one :-) Jose and Corrina, it was so nice to meet you and your precious family. Congrats again on such a beautiful set of twins. You have a beautiful family, and gorgeous kids. I hope you like these as much as I do and I look forward to working with you in the future! -Brenda