Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ricky, Tony & David :: Triplets

A couple of weeks  ago I photographed my first set of triplets. Three, 4 year-old boy! It was such a fun session. So tiring, but fun! Those boy have so much energy and it was an absolutely joy to hang out with them. So, meet the triplets! (And Sandy, SO sorry in advance if I get any of them mixed up!)

Meet the beautiful boys. From left to right: David, Ricky and Tony.

Ricky was very shy at first and it was next to impossible to get him to look at me. But, such a cute little boy!

David as SO active and cute, and he's the first of his brothers to lose a tooth! Actually, that's one of the ways I told David and Tony apart - the lost tooth grin belongs to David :-)

Tony was SO sweet and cute. He didn't mind me following him around to snap a few pictures, but he rather just play :-)

One of my favorite images of the boys. Sandy - you were so fantastic in getting them to laugh and have fun :-)

I couldn't just pick one favorite - they were all so great!

Tickles were also very popular with the boys :-)

Playing peek-a-boo between his brothers :-)

After we got a bunch of shots on the grass, we headed to the playground. They stopped for 2 seconds to take this shot and then they were off!

They had so much fun on the slides...

The high steps....

Jumping off curbs...

And the swings!! I am in love with this shot of Ricky. So innocent and beautiful.

Then we headed back to the grass for some pictures with dad.


Daddy and his monkeys :-)

The boys and their beautiful mom.

SO cute.

So real.

We then found this cool tree and so we put the boys on and got this! Love it.

For the second half of our session we headed to the Manhattan Beach Pier. While we parked and got ready to head down to the pier the boys danced for me :-)

At this point Ricky was so much more comfortable with my camera and I finally got some portrait of him.

Absolutely love this.

"Hey boys, can you make a silly face?"

I didn't have to ask twice!

On our way down to the pier we stopped on the steps for a family picture. Love this Vans family.

And then it was down to the beach. The boys were in awe.

They loved running from the waves (though all three ended up pretty wet by the end of our session!)

Love this. Best friends.

Adorable Tony!

Beautiful family.

It was such a pleasure to meet you guys and do your pictures, and I hope you like them as much as I do! - Brenda