Friday, October 26, 2012

Liam Judah: 16 Days Old

Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting newborn baby Liam Judah (by the way, I'm in love with his names!) and his beautiful parents. We had a lovely afternoon taking Liam's picture and he was SO cooperative. Here's his preview, enjoy!

Meet Ralph, Jessica and gorgeous baby Liam. When I arrived at their home Liam was wide awake so we decided to start with some family shots. Who says newborns don't make eye contact? This is Liam's "Yeah.... not so sure about this" face :-)

Liam is so, so loved - and he knows it. Seriously, what an absolutely precious little guy. Still making eye contact, too!

Jessica and her little man.

Love this. Liam was looking right up at his mommy.

Ralph and Liam. Love this sweet daddy to son kiss.

And then we tried putting Daisey, their precious dog in a family picture - perfection!! BOTH Daisey and Liam were looking at my camera! Oh happy day :-)

Daisey is so precious!

Jessica then fed Liam and he went right to sleep so I focused on him. This is my favorite from the whole session, and one of my absolute favorites from my newborn portfolio. Precious little guy!

Liam just made things SO easy for me, and he was so, so precious. I still can't get over how perfect and beautiful Liam is.

Liam's tiny little hands...

And his perfect little feet. I love photographing newborn details. They grow so fast, so these images are treasured.

Just perfect. Full head of hair and all :-)

We then tried a little Santa outfit - success!!

Could Liam be any more precious?!

What a precious gift Liam Judah is.

I didn't realize this until just now as I'm posting... but the name Judah is a Biblical name. In the Old Testament (Genesis), Judah was one of Jacob's 12 sons and he was the founder of the Tribe of Judah, which was represented by a lion. "The Lion of Judah". Anyway, that's totally random but I couldn't help thinking of that as I edited and posted this picture of Liam Judah in the little lion hat :-)

Perfect. That's what little Liam Judah is - perfect.

By the end of our session Liam woke up but he was still tired. You know, modeling is hard work :-)

So it was off into mommy's arm for snuggles and a good feed :-)

Ralph and Jessica, it was so nice to meet you and Liam. You are so very blessed with such a perfect little guy. I hope you like these as much as I do, and I look forward to working with you in the future :-) - Brenda