Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aaron & Moses: One Month Old

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful set of fraternal twins at only one month old. I've photographed their big brother lots of times before, and so their mommy and I made plans to photograph them at only a few weeks old. However, they decided to come early - while I was in Europe! Our newborn plans fell apart, but thankfully I was still able to photograph them at a month old.

Aaron and Moses are SO different - but each one is beautiful in their own way. Enjoy the preview!

Meet Moses and Aaron. Moses is on the left, Aaron is on the right.

Aaron was few first and fell asleep first, so we started with him while Moses got fed and settled in. What a doll!

Look at the lashes on this tiny one!

Such a beautiful baby - and he slept right through being undressed :-)

Pure bliss.

I love newborn feet. So precious and perfect.

And suddenly he was wide awake.

Precious, precious boy.

We tried some more newborn poses but at this point he was wide awake and not about to stay still for us :-)

So he was rocked back to sleep with this pose :-)

Then, while Aaron was fed and settled in, I focused on Moses. Just look at that baby belly!

Again, love those baby feet.

Since he was sound asleep, it was easy to have him do all those newborn poses :-)

Love him.

The stocking hat never gets old.

Such a beautiful boy.

This gives new meaning to the expression "sleeping like a baby".

Mommy's little bear.

It's amazing how different Moses is from Aaron.

Once they were both asleep we got them together for some twin pictures...


And then they were wide awake again! Love their beautiful expressions.

Ha! "What are you doing to my ear, Aaron??"

And my favorite awake shot. Beautiful brothers. Stay tuned over the next few months to watch these little ones grow!