Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rocio and Marcos' Wedding

Right before I left to Europe I got to photograph Rocio's and Marco's wedding. It was one of the first warm weekends of late spring/early summer, and the day couldn't have been more beautiful and perfect for their special day. Here's a preview of it, enjoy! :-)

I started out the day with Rocio getting her hair done...

As well as her makeup.

She was so calm while they got her ready.

And then, before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. Rocio and Marcos got married at a golf course, so it only made sense for Rocio to be brought from the back in a golf car :-)

And then she started the walk down the aisle with her brother.

Marcos' face was priceless when he finally turned and saw her walking towards him.

But how could he not be? Rocio was absolutely stunning and beaming.

Rocio's hand being handed over.... such a special moment for her brother.

And then the ceremony.

Absolutely gorgeous location. I love summer weddings!

I loved the little kids in the back, they certainly kept themselves entertained :-)

Marcos saying, "I do".

And Rocio saying, "I do."

And then there was the mutual lighting of the candles.

I LOVE moments like these at weddings. They are absolutely priceless, and what make wedding ceremonies memorable :-)

And then it was sealed with a kiss!

One of my favorite moments in a wedding - when the now-married couple is walking back up the aisle, and their expressions are those of pure joy.

And then they were in their golf car, off to take some pictures :-)

Rocio and Marcos handed out little bubble-makers and the wedding party had a blast with them...

And so did Marcos and Rocio. My favorite type of moments.

I love big wedding parties.

The girls :-)

The men. Seriously, isn't little Nate SO cute! At first I suggested that all the guys take their coats off and throw them over their shoulders, but Nate could keep his on since I didn't know if he could do this, but Marcos said he could so we went for it - and success! :-)

I love this image of the girls. Rocio - you are so cute!

And this one was totally unplanned. We were going to do a picture of Marcos with the girls when his cell phone rang and we answered - and this was the girls' reaction. Too cute!

Then we did lots of just the new couple.

I was loving the red couch and the great light we had inside the venue.

Kiss :-)

You guys are so cute!

I love the spontaneous laughter - which Rocio and Marcos have lots of!

Gotta have a picture of the shoes!

And the bling :-)

One more of the wedding party before going in to the banquet. Yet another picture of a reason why I love big wedding parties.

Once they went in and everyone settled down it was time to eat. The food not only tasted great, but it looked amazing!

There's that spontaneous laughter again :-)

And then they toasted to a long, happy life together.

And finally it was time for the cake. Stunning, no?

Before they cut it, I did a few pictures of their rings on the cake. Some of my favorite ever.

I love how they had fun even cutting the cake :-)

And that's how the night ended, with cake cutting and kissing :-) Rocio and Marcos - it was a pleasure to capture your special day through my lens. I wish you nothing but the very best! Hugs, Brenda