Saturday, August 4, 2012

London, England (July 21-27)

For my very last week in Europe I got the privilege to travel around London, England - and this time my two younger sisters joined me :-) All three of us graduated this spring (me from UCLA with my bachelors, my younger sister from high school and the baby from middle school) so that was kind of like a graduation present for us. I can't even say how much fun we had and how much we saw! The only way to explain it are with over 600 pictures! Click HERE to view them! :-)


These little ones were ALL over the city! Wenlock and Mandeville are the mascots for the Olympics and Paralympics and Wenlock was dressed up differently all over the city. My baby sister insisted on taking a picture with EVERY SINGLE ONE :-)

This is the beautiful, famous London Eye :-)

Our main form of transportation was through the bus and the underground train - the tube.

I love these phone booths!

We had a great time shopping on Oxford street - a mile and a half of nothing but shops :-)

The London Eye at night with Big Ben in the background/center.

These are the shoes that traveled all of London.... Love my Vans.

The aquatics Stadium!! This was just 2 days before the Olympics started :-)

Wenlock :-)

Wenlock as a guard from Buckingham Palace :-)

David Beckham! Well, a manikin of him anyway :-)

Wednesday night my sisters and I rode the London Eye and I got some spectacular pictures from above!


This image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament was so gorgeous that I couldn't even watermark it.

St. Paul's Cathedral in the background, which is the second biggest cathedral in the world.

Another image of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament t reflecting off the Thames river. Again, too beautiful to watermark :-)

On our last full day in London, my sisters and I went to go see the Sherlock Holmes Museum. When we got off the tube this is what saw on the walls :-)

One of Holmes' MANY pipes!

A statue of Sherlock Homes.

London was in full Olympics gear, and the atmosphere was great!

Too bad we couldn't stay for the Olympics.... Because of work we had to leave the morning before the opening ceremony.

Goodbye beautiful London...

I'll see you again soon.